Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dates and Cupcakes...

Last week Nathan and I were blessed with opportunity to attend the annual Executive Board retreat for the SBTC.It has been at least 4 years since the last time I was able to go with him so I was so thrilled when my mom and sister offered to come up and stay with the boys. Iwas so excited to get some extra time with my man!

We totally lucked out on Tuesday when his meeting ended early, leaving us time for a date! Lunch on the Riverwalk and a movie...we almost didn't know what to do with ourselves! It was also great to get to meet other ministers and their wives at the meeting. We all enjoyed a great meal together on Tuesday evening after all of their work was done.

On the way home we stopped in Austin to have lunch with my college roommate and her family! We always love seeing the Hinotes. I am so thankful that the Lord blessed me with a roommate like Rhonda and that we are still so close!

And since my hubby totally supports my new obsession hobby we did our own little cupcake tour of Austin! Together we tried 6 cupcakes at 3 different shops!

On Monday we started with Delish!

Delish is located in the heart of downtown Austin and features cupcakes, cookies, and a few other treats. We tried the Mexican Vanilla Cupcake and the Chocolate Banana Cupcake.

Next up...we stopped at Polkadots.

Polkadots is full of charm. It is located near UT in an old craftsman home that still has it's wood beams and tons of character! Polkadots features different cupcakes for different days of the week. I loved the way their cupcakes looked...they were so fun!
Nathan and I tried a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcake and a Black Bottom Cupcake.

On our way back through Austin we stopped at Sugar Mama's Bakeshop! It was located just outside of downtown and I have to admit that these were my favorite cakes out of the three. This time we decided to go for the Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip and the Marilyn Monroe!

Cupcakes AND time away with my love...what could be better!:)

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Nana's Nuggets said...

Jenna, You are driving me with delight to taste some of these treats! Now when are you going to bake just "one" for me??.. LOL!! and Love!