Friday, May 20, 2011

I Interrupt This Blog For A Special Reason!!! (from her husband)


It's not very often that I have the opportunity to hijack my wifes blog and to do nothing but brag on my lady! As many of you know she is a precious wife, mother, daughter, friend, and whatever description you can think of. However most of you only get to see her in public. I want to tell you about the Jenna I know at home.

She is truly a lover of Jesus. On most days you can find her cuddled up on the couch with bible in hand seeking a word from our Lord. Her heart is as focused on Jesus as any man could ever dream about having in a wife. She is hungry for the word of the Lord. She earnestly desires the presence of the Lord. She faithfully serves the church of the Lord. I am so thankful to have her as a partner in ministry!

She is truly a lover of her husband (that lucky guy would be me)! She cares for me like no one else in my life. She will love, care, nurture, defend, and challenge me. I never have to worry about where her hearts affection is. I never have to lose sleep over whether or not she loves me! She is 100% devoted to me as a wife. For this I am eternally grateful! She knows when I am down and loves to try and help me up. She knows when I am stressed and wants to help me relax. She knows when I need guy time (hunting, fishing, golf,) and encourages me to go! Most of all she knows the great love I have for Jesus and His church and she partners with me to do the ministry God has called us to!

She is truly a lover of our Children. She is the greatest mother I have ever known. She knows when to hold firm to the rules and when to just relax and have fun. She can be found every night reading or singing to our kids. She works all day long to be the mother to our precious kids that God wants her to be. She knows how to stand in the gap when I have to be away. She has a special bond with our kids that is contagious and envied!

She is a lover of family. Jenna's family loves to have fun. Whether its a game of wahoo or just a nice dinner, its a blast to be in the action. She loves, honors, respects, and cherishes her mom and dad. She is close to her sister and the rest of the family. Jenna is a family person. She values the morals and standards that only a family can have. They say you marry your spouses family when you marry her! I am glad that can be a true statement.

She is a lover of music. That girl can flat out sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has the voice of an angel matched with the heart of God. When she sings people listen! They are as much touched by her heart in the music as her voice singing the music. If you dont believe on buy a cd on the right side of this blog and find out for yourself.(thats my shameless plug for the cd). Anyone who has ever heard her sing has been blessed. I get to hear her all the time!!!!!!

She is a lover of orphans. God lit a passion in her heart for the care of orphans around the world that is amazing. It is so fun to watch her eyes light up when she talks about helping children around the world. It is a blessing to see tears flow down her cheeks as she hurts for those children without the love of a family! I am so glad I get a front seat to see how God is going to use her to change the world 1 child at a time.

I could go on and on and on and on about my sweetheart. But the truth is, when we were just friends, I almost lost my chance at this life we now have together. Everyone told us we had all the odds against us!!! I am so glad we get everyday to prove them all wrong :)

I am 100% completely, utterly, unashamedly, wholeheartedly crazy about the woman of my dreams...You know her as Jenna.....I know her as baby! I love you baby!


Nana's Nuggets said...

Whoa~ this is a teary post! WoW! It is truly a Blessing to be a part of your world! both of you are truly one in a million! Want to thank you both for being our leaders in Christ, and letting me love on those boys! To God be the Glory!

Trista said...

Nathan, I never once doubted the relationship y'all had. I knew from the first day she came to our dorm room talking about you that it would last forever. I'm so happy and proud to call you both my friends. God is doing amazing in work in your lives. I miss y'all!