Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How Sweet it is to be Loved by You!!

I happen to be married to the most wonderful man in the world!! Not only does he love the Lord with all of his heart, but he also loves me and our boys like nothing else. He is so thoughtful...at least once a week he comes home with a sweet tea from Mcalisters or a vanilla coke zero from sonic just to brighten my day. He knows how much I love food and goes out of his way to bring me little treats from my favorite places whenever he gets the chance (maybe that's were these pesky extra 10 pounds came from)!:)

Nathan's dream in life is for me to own my business! He once came home from work only to announce that he had just bought me a snow cone stand to run (Snoasis anyone??)! He has wanted me to open a flavored popcorn stand at Canton or even find something crafty I could sell (too bad the crafty gene skipped right over me)! So it is no surprise that when I admitted my love for cupcake making that he started thinking...he has already figured out how many cupcakes I would have to make and sell everyday in order to make a living! He even sat down and watched 2 cupcake TV shows with me! While I am not sure that I will ever make a business out of cupcakes, He did decide that if I was going to be making tons of cupcakes I needed the proper tools!!

So my early Mother's Day gift...

I promise if I could add some animation to my blog this picture would be surrounded by rays of light and the sound of angels singing!
This mixer is down right heavenly...especially when you consider that my old mixer was a little bitty Hamilton Beach hand mixer that I have had for 10 years. This baby sure made life easier for me today while I was making cupcakes for teacher appreciation week!

Speaking of cupcakes here is my latest...
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes
This is how they start out

And this is how they come out of the oven...crazy!

Since you freeze the cookie dough overnight, it actually stays nice a gooey in the middle while the cupcakes bake.
Here is the finished product...complete with a cookie flavored buttercream frosting and homemade mini cookie!

Thanks babe for a wonderful gift! Thank you for always thinking of me! I love you and this life the Lord has blessed us with!


BeechemBrightSpots said...

OK, you are really working overtime with all the cupcakes! I need some recipes so I can try them too! Keith told me that I need your butterfinger recipe too...he said they were the best he's ever had! I wish we could work on making cupcakes together! I love cooking & creating too!

Keri said...

Nice! Mine is black, and yes it does make baking and such a lot easier. And the cupcakes were yummo!

Flo said...

Those were little works of art, Jenna! I know you've got your hands full, but you've got a great product for a small little side 'biz! "Jenna's Jubliee" "Kupcakes for the King" "...oh, we could brainstorm all day!