Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"When you can't see His hand...

Trust His heart". Those are words from an old Babbie Mason song that touched my heart years ago. In the wake of what is going on in Ethiopia I have found myself repeating those words again and again.

We are still in limbo...still waiting to see if the government is actually going to move forward with cutting adoptions by 90% and what the fall out from that might entail. If I am just honest it has been hard and I have had more than 1 freak out moment. I don't understand it all and it is hard to see God's hand in this but we are choosing to trust His heart.

I know from Scripture that orphans and those who are oppressed have a special place in the heart of our God. I know that God says he will not leave us as orphans (John 14:18) and I trust that He will not leave the children of Ethiopia as orphans either. Will Kenzi come home on our time table...most likely no. Will Kenzi come home from Ethiopia like we had planned...God knows where Kenzi is and we trust that He will lead us to her wherever she is and at whatever time He sees fit. (Just so you know, I am typing this all for own benefit so when I have my next freak out moment I will have a place to come back and remind myself that I am choosing to trust in my God and His heart even when I don't understand and even when I can't see His hand at work in the details.)

The truth is that God is in the details. He and He alone knows the plans He has for us and His word tells us that His plans are for our good...He can be trusted. He can use the ugly, painful things and make them beautiful. He is so worthy our trust in the good as well as in the times when we don't understand. I pray that if you are in a time where things just don't make sense and they aren't working like you had planned that you will choose to trust. Grab tight to the Lord and don't let go, the ride may not be smooth but following Him will be worth it.

Would you please continue to join us as we pray for Ethiopia and the children there? We covet your prayers and we are so blessed by those of you who are walking this journey with us.

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BeechemBrightSpots said...

Jenna, I know from experience how hard the waiting is. I know just like you do that God's timing is perfect, but it sure is hard on a day to day basis to remember that. We'll keep praying! Miss you! Love you! Kim