Friday, March 4, 2011

Dear Windex...

I have used you for years. Windex, you are by far my favorite cleaner. I have discovered that you work well for cleaning almost everything. I have tried all of your different versions over the years.

At the moment, my favorite version is the multi-surface version that contains vinegar. The scent is light and not over powering but still leaves the lingering aroma of clean! In the last year I have been so excited to find coupons to make you more budget friendly.

But windex...I have a confession.

Last week when I ran out of you, I was unable to find a coupon. In a moment of weakness I purchased a generic version of you. In the past I have tried many other generic products that measure up in quality. However, through this experience I have learned that there is just no comparison to the real thing when it comes to you.

Please forgive me!

Just thought you might need to laugh on this Friday and I wanted you all to know that the REAL windex is the way to go. Do not let the bargain price of those "other" brands fool you!:) Happy Friday!

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