Friday, March 25, 2011

Super Soccer Stars

This year we decided to take a break from T-ball and let Kaden play soccer! Before we had kiddos Nathan was adamant that if we had boys they would play football for sure, t-ball most likely, but never ever would they play soccer!

Fast forward almost 7 years and we have a sweet son who loves soccer and is really good at so...we are playing soccer!

What makes is even more fun is that Kaden's friend Hunter is playing as well! It has been so much fun to watch the boys practice and get so excited!

Hunter and Kaden both played a great first game!

I am not sure I have seen a Dad more proud than when Kaden scored his first goal!!

Even Kolson enjoyed cheering for the team...

Go Ninjas!!!

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Keri said...

Awesome job Kaden. A future Pele I see. What a great picture of the two.