Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Out in the woods...

It is no secret...I am a city girl at heart. I spent my entire life growing up in big cities. I have never been hunting or even shot a gun. I hate bugs! I never played soccer or softball or any kind of outdoor sport. I grew up with one sister and a great group of really girly aunts. I imagine God smiled watching this girly girl grow up...knowing all that while that He would throw me for a big loop when He would give me the blessing of 3 little boys and call Nathan and I to the country!!

I absolutely LOVE being a mom to my three little guys (I even have a "Boy Moms Rock" shirt). And the country life has grown on me as well.

Being mama to these 3 little guys has given me numerous opportunities to try all sorts of new things...like picking up bugs and lizards. I have learned to play soccer, t-ball, and basketball. We dig in the dirt and turn anything we can into some sort of race or competition.

Most recently Nathan and the boys convinced this city loving, bug hating girl to go camping for the first time in her entire life!!

So we loaded up the camper and off we went (I know that "real" camping is when you do it in tents but this was plenty for this city girl!)

The best part about camping is being able to wear whatever you want!

Little boys loving being outside to run free!

Of course there were s'mores (I will admit this is what I was most excited about...I am a foodie...what can I say)!

Little boys roasting their marshmallows!

One little boy who thought roasting was a waste of time when you could just eat them from the bag!

Kaden and Karter said their favorite part of camping was sleeping on the bunk beds in the camper! They asked to put their pj's on as soon as we got to the camp site.

All in all it was a blast! This city girl can tolerate and even like the woods if it means I get to see the 4 guys in my life having the time of their lives!

A few lessons from my first camping trip...

* you can NEVER have too many paper towels!
* camping is really fun if you don't have to get 5 people ready for church in the camper!
* bug spray is a must
* the dirtier the kiddos, the more fun they had

* other campers think you are crazy when they see you whip out an ironing board to iron your church clothes

Thanks for challenging your Mom to try new things boys...it was so much fun to camp with you! Can't wait for our next adventure!!


Keri said...

I told Trevor I would go camping... in a camper. I like the outdoors, but like to sleep on a bed. Eh, just me. Looks like y'all had lots of fun. What else did you eat? ;)

Flo said...

cracked me up..ironing while camping! Gotta do whatcha gotta do, right? We busted out and bought one so maybe we'll have to do a double camping trip one weekend! Your boys, my girls....

Janelle said...

SOunds like fun!! Camping in a camper is much easier than a tent - but I love my tent camping too! Glad to hear you stepped out of your comfort zone - it can be fun when we do that sometimes!! Missed you guys this weekend!

Nana's Nuggets said...

Too cute! I love these pics of those kids! I did not see one of you! in the camping gear! What's up with that! Sorry, I guess you were ironing! You're kidding right!! Ha-Ha! Tooooo~ cute!
PS~ I had 2 boys, and absolutely NO!! LIZZARDS, BUGS OR FROGS CLOSE TO ME!!

Loren said...

Oh gosh...the Lord tells us not to envy or be jealous but forgive me Lord....I am :) To me, there are not too many things better than going away with your family and camping!! Coffee when your camping...OH MY!!!

Maybe next time you might want to go home so you don't have to iron LOLOLOLOLOL that is truly a first and I think I might have been the ones laughing!!
You silly girl! I love it! You are an amazing momma and I know these memories will be cherished ones forever and ever!