Wednesday, December 1, 2010


On Tuesday of last week we had our homestudy for the adoption!
I was a nervous wreck and stayed up cleaning until midnight 2 nights in a row!
It was a wonderful experience! Our caseworker, Bethany, was friendly and just made us feel so at ease. After a quick meeting with the K-crew and a tour of our home we spent 3 or 4 hours talking about our calling to adoption, our family life, our childhoods, and different things to think about to do with our adoption!

I was so thankful for my sweet friends Kay and Brandi who took Kaden and Karter to play for those 4 hours! I am not sure Brandi's house will ever be the same! By the end of the day my boys were calling Kay Nana just like her other grandkids! My sweet friend Teri spent time praying for my little Kolson and she didn't even know he needed it! Our little man napped almost the entire time Bethany was here which was great!

At the end of the homestudy Bethany surprised us with some exciting news! WE ARE APPROVED TO ADOPT!!! Not only that but Bethany also said that she would be approving us for 2 so that if there happened to be twins or very young siblings available when our referral time rolls around then we might get them! It is highly unlikely but you never know what our great God may have in mind!!:)

Thank you so much to all of you who prayed for us on this special day!

So what is next?

Next we will continue to wait for our FBI clearance to come back and as soon as our homestudy is typed up we will send it to Immigration where they will set up another finger printing appointment. Once our FBI clearance and Immigration paperwork is back we will be all finished with our paperwork and we will officially be on the waitlist!!! Please pray that this moves swiftly...we would LOVE to be on the waitlist by mid February!


Kimberly said...

Praise God!! The Lorick soon-to-be "6" OR "7" are in my fervent prayers!!! Thank you so much for the updates and letting us be part of this blessing through your words.

Michelle said...

How exciting! Congratulations. We will be praying for swiftness!

Janelle said...

SOOOO Stinkin' exciting!! Oh My!! Just so thrilled for you guys!! Funny how we stress - surely He sits up there laughing at us as we spaz around cleaning and so on... he has already gone before us - yet we stress!! God is so amazingly good!!