Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve...

What a whirl wind this season has been! With the completion of an add-on to the house, finishing up adoption paper work, Christmas Programs, the Christmas Store, a fun visit from friends, and so much more this season has been full to say the least!
I was so thankful for a night to spend with the 4 sweet guys in my life!

A few fun memories from Christmas Eve 2010:

1. We made Pretzel Rod fun

2. The boys and I made it ALL THE WAY through the Christmas Eve service (thanks to Mr. Bill Green who came to sit by Karter and keep him entertained!:) I sure am thankful for our wonderful nursey workers!!:)

3. Karter almost caught his hair on fire during Silent Night!! (so surprising I know)

4. For our third year in a row we visited the Lights in Athens on Christmas Eve. I love watching the boys get so excited about seeing all of the different parts of the display. Kolson was so excited that he almost jumped out the window! When we pulled in all he could say is "wow"!

5. We actually got a decent picture of the boys in their Christmas outfits...I wish you could see their whole bodies...Kaden and Karter have decided that they want to be "cowboys"...we have belts with belt buckles and boots to prove it!:)

Counting my blessing for sure!!

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