Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas #1

The sound of sweet boys sneaking into the playroom on Christmas morning is so sweet. The excited whispers as they peak at the treasures waiting for them are part of this stage of life I hope we won't forget!

At least they waited until 7:30...I remember waking my parents up at 5:30 or earlier!

I loved thier excitment as they sorted through thier stuff.

Karter was so fun this year...he was so excited about every little thing he got! I pray that this crazy culture we live in doesn't rob him of his greatful attitude and his contentment with whatever is given to him.

Kaden has talked for days about his up coming hunting trip with Nathan and my Dad and finally convinced us that he was in need of a "real" gun! He was on cloud nine when he found this waiting for him on Christmas morning!

That BB gun has gone everywhere with us for the past 2 days!

Kolson is in love with animals this year! I loved watching him explore and mimic the animal sounds.

I am reminded at this time of year what a blessing it is to have such a wonderful little family. I am so thankful for our health and the fact that we have a warm place to call our home. God has truly done more than we could ask or imagine.
I am so thankful that we are able to give our boys all that they need and even many of the things they want. My greatest prayer is that they will know that Jesus, our precious savior whose birthday we have celebrated today, is all that they need and that He alone can give them more than they ever even knew they wanted.

We finished up Christmas #1 with a trip to Shreveport where we had a wonderful lunch at Nannie's house...obviously I was too interested in the food to take any pictures! Nannie is a wonderful cook and always goes out of her way to make everyones favorite dishes. It has been several years since we have been able to celebrate a holiday at Nannie's so it was really a sweet blessing.

Up Next...Christmas #2!

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