Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Last...

Karen Kingsbury has written a wonderful children's book called "The Last".

As moms we tend to celebrate all the firsts...

The first smile




The first foods




The first steps




The first birthday



(I can't believe Koslon's is coming up this Wednesday!)

The first day of school


(The other two will start before I know it!!)

I have celebrated so many firsts with my three boys and I am looking forward to all that are to come.

But the book "The Last" takes time to celebrate and take in, cherish and savor the last moments...

The last bottle

The last time they wake for a midnight feeding

The last time they need me to tie their shoe

The last time they want to give me a hug and kiss in public

So many lasts that I am not really looking forward to!

But tonight I am taking a moment to savor one of Kolson's "lasts". For months he has had 6 teeth just waiting to pop through. Tonight when I was checking them out I realized that one has finally broken through the gum. So tonight I am celebrating some of the last toothless smiles I will be getting from our sweet little Koley!


Nana's Nuggets said...

Sadly to say, yes the last will come, but to say this it is still so very hard to let them go!! I have been working on this for a long time, and even with my adult children, I still try to stay in the middle of their lifes, and I keep myself in trouble all the time!(offering my opinions and such!:), Enjoy one moment at a time,and those babies are precious!

Flo said...

Now that was sweet! What a collection of pictures! By the way, did you notice you typed "Kolson's teeth are about to poop through"....ha, ha....wonder what was on YOUR mind!

Keri said...

This made me teary eyed. I think about "the lasts" quite often. Especially since Bri has only 3 more years of school left and Rance being my last.

Jennifer said...

Such a sweet post and definitely something to think about. Those pictures are wonderful and you just can't help to smile back at that sweet boy when you look at them.

Stacy said...

great post! I want that book...very sweet.