Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our latest pet attempt...

Let me start by giving you a little history.

Attempt #1- Rowdy...aka "rockin" he is a cute little Yorkie that Nathan bought for me before we were married. We actually kept Rowdy for a few years but, after Kaden's arrival we graciously allowed my parents to adopt little Rowdy...they still have him today.
Attempt #2- Princess. A cute little pug (Nathan's idea) that only lasted for 3 weeks before we discovered she had health problems and our vet gave her to another family who had more time for her.
Attempt # 3- Macy. A black and white bunny that Nathan surprised me with. She was cute but boy did she stink! Once again she lasted about 3 weeks.
Attempt #4- Jackson. A black labmaraner that Kaden picked out. He was so cute while he was little...then he got big and so did his poop! He jumped all over us and chewed up EVERYTHING in the backyard. He lasted several months but we decided to give him away before moving to Malakoff last summer. Kaden still asks if we can get a "nice" Jackson.
That brings me to our latest attempt...#5- Mittens and Lucy. Two sweet little kittens who will be living in backyard. Although Kaden thinks of them as his pet, Nathan thinks of them as snake guards.
Here is a picture of our new little furry friends (Bet you can't guess which one is which:)


The Carey Family said...

I have a little cute dog by the name of Josie that you can have. :) I did not realize that yall went through so many pets. I hope that Mittens and Lucy work out for you. Please give the boys a hug and kiss for me.

Andi said...

Awww....they are to cute. Y'all sound like us with pets...haha! Yes summer went by way to fast. I hope you have a great school year!

Anonymous said...

You have kitties!!!! Welcome to the fabulous world of cat owners ;o) I couldnt live without mine, all 4 of them, haha. I'd have 20 more if we could afford to feed them and the vet bills..and I guess we'd have to have a monster size house with a room dedicated to litter boxes alone. Anyway, good luck! They're adorable!

JimBo said...

Hope they grow fast or the snakes may eat them

Britany Leigh Photograhy said...

I want them. Mittens is too cute! I hope yall are doing good, tell my nephews I love them =]