Friday, August 31, 2012

Karty Quotes...

All of our boys are super fun and filled to the brim with imagination and passion (wonder where they get that from)!
However, Karty is known for saying some of the craziest things... Things we want to always remember!

Last week while traveling in the car, (sort of a major theme in our lives lately) Kaden and Kolson where being extra whiney and grouchy. Since Karter didn't seem to be joining in with the other two Nathan praised him and told him that he was proud of Karter for being good.

Karter replied by saying, "that's my be good"!

We all laughed and moved on. An hour later when Karter joined in the grouch fest, Nathan reminded him of his job.

Karter replied, "well, I'm taking the day off"!!

Ha ha! What a personality!!

The next week he told me that he had gotten fired from sharing!

Oh Karty boy... We love you so!

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