Sunday, August 12, 2012

Finally...a face!


It had been a crazy few weeks!  I was really starting to sense that we would hear something soon.  And so, being the resourceful girl that I am, I hacked into your Daddy's email just to see if there was any news! :)  Low and behold...there was an e-mail letting us know that all of your paperwork was in and that it would only be a matter of weeks until we would see our first picture of you.  I totally ruined Daddy's plan to surprise me!
I am thankful that the next 2 weeks were pretty busy because during the quiet moments it was hard to do anything but think of you!  I truly felt like I did at the end of my pregnancies with your brothers, knowing that it could be any day!  I was so full of hope and excitment as I waited for the big day!
I had that same feeling on Monday the 23rd of July...I just knew the news was coming soon!  But...this is Africa we are talking about.  That afternoon your Daddy informed me that everything was ready BUT the Internet was down in Africa and had been the entire weekend!  I will admit I was a little crushed but I also had to laugh...God sure does like to teach us lessons in patience when that is the one lesson we don't want to learn!
Tuesday rolled around and Mrs. Flo came to visit me that morning.  You won't remember her but she came to visit you several times while they were in Africa this summer.  At that point we didn't know who you were but God did and He made sure you were loved...and by someone that we know...God is so good sweet girl, and so very faithful!  That morning as we talked Mrs. Flo even mentioned you!

Around 2:30 on Tuesday the 24th of July, I went out back with Kolson to swing.  Not even 5 minutes later you Daddy came out to tell me that this was "THE CALL".  Not wanting to miss a moment of it, your Daddy and I locked ourselves in the bathroom to hear all about you!  It was a moment I will never forget.

After the call we all jumped in the shoes and all and headed to the church to see your pictures!  We gathered around the computer to see our first glimpses of your sweet face.  As God would have it we got the church and Mrs. Stacey was there...she takes the most beautiful pictures.  She was able to snap a few pictures of us seeing you for the first time!

What a beautiful baby girl!  You are certainly worth the wait sweet girl!  We feel so blessed that God would allow us to be your family!  We can't wait to hold you and love on you!  I hope you liked to be carried...I am not sure your feet will touch the ground for the first year...we have waited so long to hold you!

We will continue to pray for you sweet baby girl as we wait for our court date!  We love you Kenzi Reigh!  We are waiting for you!


Juliana Odenthal said...

This moment is so awesome! I have a mix of emotions here, I am sooooo happy that you have the news and a face to put with her name finally! You are right about patience it is something we all struggle with and girl I know you have learned alot about God's timing. Speaking of that all at the same time God is teaching some of us again about timing, the timing of you guys moving and the path that the Lorick family is on. I can't tell you what being apart of FBC has done for us and the fact that Luke and I got to be married by Nathan is all the better for me! We are so proud of you guys and what a great example that you guys are for what is really all about God's glory. WE LOVE you guys and will be anxiously watching were your lives go next. Thank you for being such an inspiration as a woman of God and just an all around wonderful person, even though I know you are shaking your head thinking if she only

Trista said...

It brought tears to my eyes to read this because I know you have waited for so long. I can't wait until we are able to see pictures of her too. I am also so excited to hear about the new journey God has for your family. He is using you and Nathan in mighty ways...continue to be faithful! Love ya!

Neal / Kim Kellenberger said...

Congrats and so excited for you to finally be able to see your baby's face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!