Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To be like them...

Africa is never far from our hearts.  The fact that Nathan and I both traveled to the magical continent last summer coupled with the fact that our daughter is waiting for us in Uganda makes Africa the subject of many conversations in our home.

The boys in their little boy curiosity have had so many questions about Africa.  What does it look like?  How do they talk?  What games do they play?  Where do they sleep?  Are their pottys really just a hole in the ground?  What do they eat?  The questions go on and on.  We look through pictures and watch videos of our far away brothers and sisters and we pray for them often.  Many times while we are out on a walk (or an adventure as we like to call them) the boys pretend we are traveling to Africa.  I hear them in their room packing toys in buckets (their pretend suit cases) getting ready to go to Africa.
I love that our boys hearts are inclined toward Africa and toward thinking of others.  It is one of my greatest prayers that God will allow us as a complete family to visit and serve in Africa together at some point.

Pretend adventures to Africa and watching videos was not enough for Kaden.  He wanted to be like them...the boys and girls in Africa.  He told me one day that he was going to go the whole day without eating so he would know what it felt like to be hungry (I know...what a precious heart this kid has, it is all God...because all good things come from God!  I am so thankful that they Lord is working in his heart)...anyway, the no eating thing lasted until breakfast!:)  So I decided we would have a real African meal...beans and rice!  I made it once very soon after I returned from Africa and much to my surprise all 3 of my guys loved it.  So much so that Kaden has been begging for me to make it again!  This cold rainy night fit the bill perfectly.

A big pot of beans...

3 bowls ready to be served...although this is a big portion compared to the portion I saw some children getting while I was in Uganda.

3 little boys eating...Uganda style, no utensils necessary!

The difference between my boys and the children I saw in Africa?  My boys had the luxury of adding cheese if they wanted it.  My boys had a drink to go along with their food.  My boys have eaten this meal twice in 6 months. My boys were all allowed to get seconds.  The precious children in Africa rarely have a drink with their meal and I am not sure they have ever seen cheese, they have eaten this meal everyday, sometimes twice a day, for months even years and there is rarely a chance for seconds.  No...beans and rice are not bad and eating them everyday is not the end of the world...in fact I met so many children who were so thankful for any type of food.  It just serves as good reminded to me and my family that God has blessed us in excess and in turn He desires for us to open our hands and give freely out of those blessings...be it in Africa or next door.

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Kathryn said...

Love this! And I love that you all ate it with your hands :) Kenzi will read this some day and this "small" thing will show her just how thought of and loved she was before you brought her home!