Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jump in

If you have ever driven by our house you know the truth...the leaves have taken over!  And being that Nathan and I were blessed with BLACK thumbs it shouldn't surprise you that we really haven't done much about the leaf take over!  Yes, in my dreams we have a beautiful yard with fresh cut grass and perfectly trimmed hedges...but this is real life, and at this busy stage with 3 little guys, the yard unfortunately is the thing that gets neglected.
On Friday afternoon however I had had enough!  Not sure what else to do I started up the blower and went to work.  I then borrowed a rake from our neighbor and began raking the leaves into piles...because that's what you are supposed to do, right?

Leaves in piles and 3 little boys plus 1 little boy friend can only lead to one thing....

Contemplating the jump...

And jump in!!

Can you find Hunter and Kaden??

Oh, how I love these little guys!
Let's run for it...Kolson you can have a head start!

What a fun time just playing and having fun!  I am so thankful for these precious moments in the middle of what seems like a pretty crazy, busy life most days.  Unfortunately the leaves are still in piles in our yard and now they are big wet piles thanks to some rain!  Maybe someday our yard will look perfectly perfect...but until then I am enjoying the small moments and the big smiles with my little guys!

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Chasity said...

Leaves and our boys inspired one of my posts back at the end of December. So much to enjoy and learn in each and every season and setting, it's the choosing to see that is the hardest part at times. Beautiful reality you share. Our leaves are amiss and soggy too!