Thursday, January 26, 2012

Time for an introduction

It is no secret...we are not great pet owners!  We have fallen prey to the cute little puppy face 4 times in our 10 year marriage.  Not to mention a bunny, a fish, and 2 kittens who unfortunately became food for the neighborhood fox.  We have given it our best shot.  There is no telling how many dog bowls and leashes we have bought over the years, only to end up giving them away when we realize that the sweet little puppy is just more than we bargained for!

However, this summer we realized that someone was stealing freon from our air conditioner.  It happened not once, not twice, but three times.  It was then that we started discussing the idea of a dog once again.  This time however we had some ground rules...

1. no puppies
2.  no wild and crazy hyper dogs
3.  must be house trained
4. must be good around small children

Armed with our rules we set for the pound.  My aunt and uncle have rescued several dogs and it has always been those rescue dogs that are just so good.  My uncle really believes that they are grateful...those dogs have experienced hard times and living in a prison so our their gratefulness they are just good dogs.  I am not sure I totally buy that but we figured it was better than what we had tried in the past.

So we walked around and looked at all of the dogs....but one furry guy just caught our eye.  Chacho was his name.  We brought him out and he seemed pretty calm.  We knew he was the dog for us when Kolson grabbed his tail and the dog just kept walking like it was no big deal.  So we loaded up Chacho and brought him home.
Isn't he just the cutest thing!?!

That was several months ago.  After our many failed pet attempts I am sure you can understand why I waited so long to introduce our new furry family member.  At this point he is totally a keeper...he has been on 2 road trips with us and you can find him every night curled up under the covers in Kaden's bed!

Kaden and Chacho are the best of friends!  A real "homeward bound" kind of friendship is what they have.  Chacho waits for him each afternoon and barks if Kaden doesn't come to play with him.  If Kaden goes outside without Chacho then he cries at the window.  They wrestle and play and believe it or not Chacho loves to jump on the trampoline with the boys.

While I will admit that he is not the world's best guard dog ( I think he could sleep through anything), we love having Chacho around!

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Keri said...

He is a sweet dog, definitely a keeper. :)