Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas without you...

Dear Kenzi,
When we started this process I was sure you would be home by now. But, nothing is certain with adoption and often times procedures change and timelines increase. So I had settled on just finding out just exactly who you are. I had imagined seeing your little picture just in time for Christmas. However, I am reminded once again that God's plans are not my plans and that His ways will trump mine every time.
Do not be mistaken sweet girl...we are still trusting God to finish this work He has begun. We still pray for you each night and imagine what life will be like with you here! Your brothers have already picked out a spot for you in the car and at the table. They have accepted the fact that we will need some girl toys and they even call the bedroom where you will sleep "Kenzi's room"! God is preparing our hearts and our home for you baby girl. I know that He is preparing you and your heart as well. Hopefully you have lots of little rowdy boys around you in the babies home... Heaven knows you will need to some preparing before becoming an official member of the K-crew!
We are praying for you our sweet daughter to be...praying that someone is whispering of Jesus' love and that he came just for you on this day so long ago. And we are praying that next Christmas you will be right here with us...pilled up the car looking at lights on Christmas eve, making sweet nativity crafts, and enjoying the sweet treats of the season! We are waiting with expectancy Kenzi Reigh!

Merry Christmas little one!

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Nana's Nuggets said...

OH~ what JOY she will be!! will blend right in!! Remember: don't worry about tomorrrow~ God is already there!! Happy:) new year to you and Your Family!!