Monday, December 12, 2011

Adventures in Advent

We are continuing to enjoy our time counting down to birth of Jesus!

I am so glad that we chose to persevere even ÿwhen it didn't feel like they were "getting it"!

Karter can now tell me major parts of the story and he is totally entralled every time he sees a nativity scene.

Kolson is remembering the characters and lives to say "Do not be afraid"!

Sweet Kaden is taking it all in and is quick to remind me that it is time for the countdown each night!

We have continued with the story by adding Mary's visit to Elizabeth, and her song to the Lord! They absolutely loved popping the bubble we had used for Zachariah's mouth after John was born and good ole Zach was able to speak again. We had a great time singing our own songs of praise while we decorated our CDs to represent Mary's song.
We also learned that Zachariah prophesied that Jesus would one day be like the sun. We made some beautiful sparkly suns for this.
Next we learned about Joseph. He too was visited by an angel and like Mary he chose to believe and obeyed right away (totally took advantage of that teachable moment)!!!
Finally tonight we talked the name that the angel told Joseph to name the baby...the name of Jesus!
I am excited to continue this countdown and hopefully keep our hearts and focused on Jesus this season!
Here are some pictures of our fun and ornaments...

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