Wednesday, April 16, 2008

T-Ball Time

The moment has finally arrived! Kaden is playing his first sport. My husband has been dreaming about this moment since we found out that Kaden was a boy (of course football is the ultimate sport he wants Kaden to play but since he is only 3 T- Ball will have to do).
We had our first practice last Saturday and it was a sight to see. The kids would hit the ball and then run to third base or to the pitcher's mound or they just wouldn't run at all (that would be my son).

Towards the end of practice I heard Kaden yelling from the outfield..."mommy, mommy, I just want to sit down!" I also heard one little girl tell her dad that she wasn't sure she liked T-Ball!

All in all it was a good practice and I think the kids will have a blast playing.

However, after that first practice we decided Kaden might need some extra practice!:)

Here are some pictures of Kaden and Daddy showing off their skills!


BrotherBoog said...

Very cute, very natural swing, call the scouts!

Andi said...

Awwww the first years of T-Ball! I miss those days when everything was just fun. It's amazing how fast it turns into serious baseball. Colby is in his 3rd year of ball and Payden is in his 6th year. How fast they grow up is scary. Nathan is coaching isn't he? I will definately have to say some prayers for him. It's hard coaching t-ballers trust me. Jim was ready to pull his hair out by the end of the season...haha!
Have a great weekend!