Sunday, April 13, 2008

Daddy Duty

This January Daddy Duty got a whole new meaning for my sweet husband. What had been the occasional bath time or getting kids dressed time has now become a daily event in the life of my husband. In January I went back to work full time for the first time in over three years.

I must tell you that I was worried to death about how everything would get done and just how it all would work...but with my husbands help, things have really worked out well (if you don't count the piles of laundry or the fact that the only clean bib in the house this morning was a "Baby's First Christmas" bib :).

In order to help the flow of the mornings and so I can get a few more minutes of sleep, Nathan takes the boys to school each morning. Depending on the morning (you know, how my hair is working out, and if the clothes I picked out the the night before actually fit) sometimes I get the kids dressed and ready and other days (bad hair, clothes don't fit:) I just leave their clothes set out on the couch for Nathan to dress them.

One morning last week was one of those just leave the clothes on the couch mornings. In a rush I grabbed some jeans from Kaden's drawer and through them on the couch. Much to my surprise, when I got home that afternoon Kaden was running out to meet me and his pants fell down...Nathan actually let him wear the pants all day at school...his teacher said he had to pull them up all day long. (Flo...I know the girls at the day care don't think that I don't have it all together :)

Despite this little incident, I would just like to take a moment and praise my sweet husband for doing his best to make this transition in our family a little less stressful. Last week I came home and he had mopped the floors! I did pick a good one!

Thanks Babe for all that you do!

Kaden pulling up his pants (they fell while he was running)

Our little chunk with a teething biscut

Crying because he couldn't find the teething biscut

Kaden with a lizard


Julie Estes said...

That is hillarious! All I have to say, Hillarious!

Flo said...

Mopped the floors? Without being asked? THAT deserves a standing ovation! : )

Love the pics...chunky monkey!

Andi said...

He needs to teach Jim a few things. I can't remember the last time Jim helped with things around the house! Shhhh don't tell him I told on him...haha

Keri said...

Maybe instead of a Duck Commander for the guys they should have a Domestic Commander.