Sunday, April 6, 2008


Is that even a word...and if it is, is that how you spell it?? I am not sure! A good friend of ours likes to use this word and I got to experience it first hand not too long ago.

Each six weeks two classes are chosen to compete in what we call the X- games. Now, we never know what we are going to be doing when our class is chosen to compete. The last time my class participated in the X-games it was no big deal and it DID NOT involve the teachers.

Well my class was chosen this six weeks and I was not prepared for what the challenge was to be.

Each class was given a roll of duck tape and their job was to duck tape each teacher to the wall. After taping as well as possible they removed the chairs from underneath us and the teacher that hung on the wall the longest won. Much to my surprise my class did a great jog taping me and I stayed hanging on the wall the longest!

Here is a picture just for your entertainment!
All of this got me thinking about my own sticktuativeness, or lack of to be honest. I am in much need of some duck tape in my life. I have the greatest intentions and great plans but it seems I am having a hard time meeting up to those intentions.
You know the ones I talking about:
Spending more time with the Lord, working out, playing with my kids more, keeping up with the laundry...and the list goes on.
So as this week begins I am praying that the Lord will be my priority and that He will give me some sticktuativeness in our relationship!
Happy Sunday!
Have a great week!


Flo said...

We've all been there!...(Sticktuativeness probably applies to every area of life - work,home,self,blogging....)

I'm praying for you this week! You're kids will do great - they always work hard for teachers they love!

marci peach said...

Have a great week Jenna! That is an awesome picture of a really cool teacher!

Keri said...

What a great pic!

Julie Estes said...

Jenna, I have to say I didn't recognize you in that picture! That's awesome. I agree with Flo we've all been there... and I'm struggling with the same things also... there is just not enough hours in the day!