Monday, October 3, 2011

Real Life Continues...

So I am out of my little post Africa funk and didn't want to miss documenting some of the sweet memories and milestones that have been going on in the Lorick house!

How is is possible that I have a 1st grader already?

I have been so amazed with his progress since starting 1st grade.  He was reading easy words and a few very small books before he started...but by the end of this first six weeks he is reading full passages!  Tonight he sat down and read his first "real" 50 page children's book to me!  This former reading teacher almost cried the whole way through!  On top of that he has made an A on every spelling test!  Yes, there have been several moans and groans about all of the homework that comes with first grade but all in all it has been a great year so far!

Kaden is also playing soccer for the third season!  This week he had 2 goals and a couple good saves as goalie.  He was really not excited about playing goalie but he did great and it was a great way for him to learn about sacrificing his own desires so that someone else could play and have fun!  I love that he is playing with 2 of his best buds, Hunter and Austin!

Karty boy is still our spirited, loving, and full of life red head!
I love this little guys zest for life and his unique out look on things!  He still prefers his undies he can see the pictures of course and most days I have to convince him that wearing clothes is a good idea!  He is like a little sponge these days...soaking up all that he can!  I can't believe that he will be 4 this week!  I am having so much fun planning his superhero birthday!  This week in church they learned about God's purpose for their lives.  Karter is totally convinced that God's purpose is for him to grow up and be Spider man!:)

Kolson got his first hair cut and I am totally missing his baby look! 
I think he realizes this and gives me plenty of opportunities to hold him and snuggle with him each day! I love that he still wants me to hold him and sing to him each night. And each morning when I pick him up he tucks his little arms in tight and lays his head right on my shoulder. I am pretty sure he will always be a mama's boy!

Koley has recently discovered his artistic abilities!  Unfortunately our little Picasso enjoys displaying his work on the wall, the door, the table, and pretty much anywhere he can find!  He is also totally interested in wearing undies except he would prefer to just pull them down and potty wherever he happens to be at the moment!  This works great when we are outside...not so much when we are on the living room rug :\! 
He is talking more and more each day!  I love that he says things like..."Can I sit with you?"  or just the other day he came in and said..."Hey Mommy, how you been?"  He has us laughing all the time!
One of the things I love most about being the mom to these 3 boys is watching them play together!  They love to imagine together.  Even as I am typing they are all dressed as pirates with sticks for swords!  But like all like boys wrestling is always a favorite!  I love the way these pictures captured their fun!

Never a dull moment with the K-crew!


Julie said...

Love the pictures~ I so enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with you guys. Love your family!!!

Keri said...

Love reading about your boys. They make me smile. :)

Nana's Nuggets said...

Happy:) Post, those boys are so, so, cute! and they are growing up so fast! And I did ask Kolson about his haircut, he put his little hands on his head and said~ I did get a haircut! I said I like it and he just smiled at me and shook his head! Loved it:). and Happy:) birthday to Karter! I will have to surprize him!

Bobi Ann Allen said...

what an adventure you have with 3 boys! my 1 is almost more than I can handle! they are precious!