Wednesday, October 26, 2011

He funds what He favors!!

I have heard that saying many times since we have entered into the adoption world.  However, in the last year that has become more than just a saying to me.  I have seen God provide time and time again in the last year.

9 girls said yes to going to Uganda and God provided over $3,000 for each of us to go...even when we were all a little doubtful that it would actually happen.

This year our church set a goal of giving $25,000 towards missions on one I type this we have not only met that goal but we are surpassing it as people continue to give.

Over a year ago we answered God's call to adopt,  having NO clue how we would raise the nearly $30,000 it would take to complete the process.  God has provided in ways you might not believe if I told you.  Things like meeting a lady in Wal-mart who later gave a large donation towards our adoption.  Or ladies that I don't even know having a jewelry party and donating all of the proceeds towards the adoption.  Most recently He showed up at our garage sale.

Recently I have been feeling a little impatient.  I have begged God to let our referral come soon.  As I continued to beg I heard His small whisper in my heart..."Are you really ready?"  I knew that we weren't.  I knew that there was still more to do to raise the funds to bring our girl home.  From the very beginning of the process I knew that we would do a garage sale for Kenzi.  But, let me be honest...I HATE GARAGE SALES!  I have put it off and put it off.   Hearing that whisper from the Lord, reminded me that it was time to stop procrastinating.  So the planning began!  I kid you soon as I started working towards the garage sale (obeying God's prompting) over $320 of donations came in out of the blue.  I love th way God confirms things for His children!

We were totally blessed by 2 families who decided to donate lots of great stuff to the sale. However, we were still doubtful on Thursday night as we were pricing like crazy and trying to figure out where to put all the stuff...the last time we had a garage sale we made maybe $300.  Nathan said we may be lucky to make $500 this time...although secretly we were both praying for $1000...impossible or not.

We really have no way to explain it, but God answered our secret prayers and blessed our socks off by allowing the garage sale to bring in right at $1000!  That is so not typical for such a small town and a garage sale that really didn't have any big ticket fact as we were pricing things I felt the only thing we were writing was 50 cents.  Our God is so good and He truly does fund what He favors.

Next up...13.1 miles in the Chosen Marathon for Adoption this weekend!!  Go team Kenzi for Keeps!!!


Keri said...

Woohoo! Got any necklaces left?

Bobi Ann Allen said...

that's awesome!