Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Ok friends I may have officially gone crazy but my sweet friend and workout partner, Brandi, has convinced me to run (jog/walk:) in a half marathon (or a full marathon for you REALLY crazy people) on October the 29th in New Braunfels, Texas!!!

The cool thing...

The race is called "Chosen, a marathon for adoption"!  That is right this marathon is to support adoption and the way that our AWESOME God sets the lonely in families!

So we have put together a team....KENZI FOR KEEPS...and everyone who joins our team will be running (or jogging, or walking) to help bring Kenzi home for keeps!  The money that each team member pays to run will go into a Kenzi fund that will go to our agency to help pay for the adoption of our sweet girl!! 

I have never, ever considered myself a runner!  I have completed 1 5K but other than that I am a total rookie!!  If I can do it than anyone can!!

 We would love for you to join our team and be a part of bringing Kenzi home for keeps!

The cost for the half marathon is $65 and the cost for the full marathon (for you crazies out there) is $85.

To register to run or even to volunteer at the race go to...

click on "race" and then follow the directions and make sure you sign up to be apart of the "KENZI FOR KEEPS" team!!

What a fun way to raise awareness about adoption, get some good exercise, and help bring some orphans home to their forever families!!

PS. For all of you scaredy cats out there...we have just over 6 hours to finish the race so it totally doable!!:)

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Laurie said...

OK, I am in....I will register by Friday. I would love to help bring Kenzi home...