Monday, June 6, 2011


With Kaden graduating from Kindergarten, Kolson turning 2, Kaden turning 7, and the start of summer there has been a lot to celebrate around the Lorick house!

Being in the ministry means summer time is busy, busy...between mission trips, youth camp, children's camp, VBS, and conventions our summer can slip away quickly!  This year we decided to celebrate big as a family before things get crazy!

First up...a spontaneous road trip
(of course no road trip would be complete without a happy meal for the road!)

to the beach!!

All three of the boys loved the sand and the water.  Since it was a spontaneous trip we didn't have any shovels or was just our little family of 5 enjoying God's creation.  Watching the boys enjoy the water was such a precious moment. 

 I was able to capture a few sweet moments Daddy and his boys (of course Karter was way to busy for a sit down!)

One of my favorite memories from our little trip was spending the night in the hotel with the boys.  We were trying to stay within a budget so we stayed at a less than luxurious hotel.  While it wasn't the roach motel it wasn't the Hilton either...non the less we had such fun singing silly songs and laughing together before bed.  In case you don't know this, Nathan writes the most hilarious songs when he is tired!  I love that my husband knows how to just let go and have fun with his family!!

Next Stop...Incredible Pizza (aka Chuckie Cheese on Steroids)!  This fun family spot has everything from glow in the dark mini golf, mini bowling, ice skating, go carts, lazer tag, tons of video games, and a huge pizza and more buffet!!  The boys had a blast!  Kaden and Nathan epically loved lazer tag!

June 1st was Kaden's 7th birthday!!  Of course there were birthday donuts!  Before long I will have to start using 2 donuts to hold all of his candles :(.
We celebrated the day by going swimming and then Nathan took Kaden to their favorite restaurant for lunch.  Believe it or not Kaden's favorite thing at Cheddar's is the Oriental Salad!  After sharing the salad my guys enjoyed a cookie monster (the ultimate in desserts) and headed out to Lowes to get materials for a birthday project.
Nathan Kaden built a huge soccer goal to go in our yard!

We continued the celebration with a trip to Frisco to see a professional soccer game (still thanking God for the blessing of free tickets that came just at the right time)!  It was our first time to go to a professional sporting event as a family and we survived...and actually had fun!!

All of the boys got their faces painted 

 My three big boys enjoying the game! 
 Kolson was just worried about how he was going to hold all of his pizza!
 He finally started cheering when the mascot came out at half time!!
We finished up our celebration last night with a Mav's watching party where we did cupcakes for Kaden.  The house was full of people and completely crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way...we are so thankful to serve with such precious people here in Malakoff!!

Kaden's soccer cupcake cake
Happy Birthday sweet Kaden!  We are so proud of you and can't believe you are 7 already!

Until we find something else to celebrate we are enjoying some lazy summer days before the craziness begins again!

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