Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A shout out for my Hubby!

I just have to tell you that I have the most wonderful husband! Last week I was having one of those days...you know the ones...where the laundry seems unending, no matter how much you clean there is still a mess, my hair looks ugly, I don't like my clothes. Ok, ok it was pretty much a pity party day for me!

A lot of times Nathan will make jokes on those kind of days. He asks me questions like "Am I invited?" When I say "to what?" His answer is "to your pity party?". Most of the time it works and makes me laugh!
But I guess on this day last week he could tell I needed a little more than a joke.

On Thursday afternoon he came home with 2 really fun surprises! First, he re booked a plane ticket so that he could be at a special event I am doing in a couple weeks! I am not sure he will ever know how much it means to me that he will be there to support me, pray for me, and cheer me on!

Secondly, he got tickets for me and my little sister to go see Matthew West this Thursday evening! I am super excited because I love Matthew West but I am even more excited to spend the evening with my little sister! I am so proud of her and all that God is doing in her heart!

And...as if that weren't enough, my mom and her sisters are coming in to go to Canton on Friday and I get to go with them while Nathan keeps the little boys! If you could see me now you would notice that I am beaming! I LOVE being a wife and a mom! I love spending my days with my boys and keeping our house in some sort of order, but every once in a while a little time to be just Jenna, having fun, is just what I need!

Thanks Babe! I love you and I am more thankful for you than you know!

Stay tuned lots of pictures of all the fun to come!


Flo said...

Yea!!! "Jenna" time is so needed when you are a mommy! Enjoy each one of those gifts....very sweet surprises. : ) Tell Nathan he done good.

Bobi Ann Allen said...

that's really great...you know I've been there at my own pity party! I'm glad you're getting a little "time off"!