Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Grocery Games!

As a stay at home mom, trips to the grocery store are sometimes the highlight of my week (I know sad...but true)! Usually I load up my 2 youngest boys and head out to the Wal-mart in the next town. But, lately I have been spending WAY too much at that crazy place! I decided it was time for something new!

With my add and coupons in hand we loaded up and headed to Corsicana to try shopping at HEB!

I know it is a little farther but really there are some days when a nice drive in the car is just what the doctor ordered...everyone is strapped in a seat and usually they are relatively quite. It is scary but some days that is as close as I get to having some alone time!:)

Ok...back to HEB! What you may not know is that I worked for HEB for 4 years while I was in high school and college. It was my first job and I really loved it ( I still have some vegetable codes memorized...I know sad). For some reason I still have some kind of company pride towards the store so I felt right at home there!

I saved about $30 compared with my last Wal-mart trip. But considering that I needed all of these high ticket items I felt pretty good about that savings!

I got these two items free with things I was already going to buy!

Each of these items was $1! (I know we eat SUPER healthy here)

Not sure if I will use HEB for all of our grocery needs but it was a nice change of pace!:)


Keri said...

woohoo! I would like a trip to HEB, but Trevor likes it too. I can't take him shopping with me or then trying to save would be pointless. :D

Susan said...

Is it sad that my first thought after reading this was "THEY MAKE MARSHMALLOW PEBBLES?!!!!? I NEED THEM!" Miss you and love you girl!

Brittany and Danny said...

I use too!! I also used to shop at Walmart, but switched to HEB because of the lower prices and deals. :)

Bobi Ann Allen said...

It is always nice to change up the shopping experience and i totally understand about a drive in the car being the only "quiet" you might get in a day!!

BeechemBrightSpots said...

I love finding bargains & using coupons. Unfortunately, my brother has convinced my husband that the toolbar is what caused all of the viruses on my computer & now he won't let me install it again. I don't know how to print without it. :( I'm so sad!