Monday, July 5, 2010

Step 3 and a little watermelon!

This last week we took step number three (out of about 100 or more) in the adoption process! We sent in our application for the big application...I know it sounds crazy but it just means that we are one step closer to A LOT of paper work but more importantly we are one step closer to a sweet little African girl!

To celebrate the 4th some of our church folks got together for a little "watermelon and worship" in the park. Just hanging out with our church family makes for such a sweet time! We had more watermelon then we knew what to do with!

I knew that Kaden would LOVE the watermelon but I had no idea how much Karter and Kolson would love it! We spent a little time in sprinkler when we got home just to wash all the sticky-ness off before we came in!

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Nana's Nuggets said...

Yea! for Loricks! one step at a time! God will see it thru:), and that watermelon looks awesome! Sorry my family missed this! those sweet boys look like me when I eat watermelon! Yuuuuuum!