Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Time

I have "mom dreams"! You know the ones I am talking about...the ones where you dream about being that mom who always has fresh cookies made...who is always doing fun creative things with her kids...all while keeping the house clean, having dinner on the table, and never ever getting frustrated.

I will admit that this is just fantasy and things with three kids never work out the way you plan for them to. But today was a pretty great day even from my "mom dream" point of view.

One of the coolest things about keeping Kaden home this year is that my sweet friend Jennifer has also done the same thing with her son Austin. We are even using the same curriculum which is great for swapping ideas. Kaden and Austin are best buds and love to get together. So in honor of Thanksgiving we got our kiddos together for a little Turkey Celebration.
We made Indian hats...

Isn't Kaitlyn just the cutest thing?
toilet paper roll turkeys... and by far their favorite activity of the day was making turkey cupcakes.

We ended the day with a toothpick feast!
And even though not everything worked out like I planned (the glue didn't stick on the toilet paper turkeys, all of my laundry was still out in the playroom, Karter just ate his cupcake without making it into a turkey first)...we had the best time creating, playing, and eating together!

Happy Turkey Day!


Keri said...

Rance came up behind me while I was reading your post and screamed reaaalllly loud and giggled when he saw Karter's picture with cupcake on his face.

Stacy said...

very fun...I totally understand the "mom dreams" even though I just have one - I get it!

Jennifer said...

love it...can you send your creativeness my way?

JMass said...

We all had a great day.....and you already are a great mommy! :)