Monday, November 16, 2009

Stolen Moments...

Have you ever wished your life had a DVR? Wouldn't it be great to just push record every time those sweet little moments sneak on you and there is not a camera in sight. Then we could just rewind and relive those sweet, unexpected, priceless moments.
As parents we are blessed to have many opportunities to enjoy such moments...if we are willing to take the time to sit and take it all in that is.
Recently I have been reading a very challenging book about motherhood. The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson is a great book if you are looking to be challenged and stretched in your roll as a mom. In the book Sally challenged me to spend individual time with each of my children. While that may sound simple it has really been a struggle for me.
I have time with our sweet Kaden while the other boys are napping each day.
I spend my nights with Kolson after the older boys are in bed.
But that leaves virtually zero time for little Karty. I had really been praying about how to spend time with him when I walked by his bedroom on my way to bed one night and heard him still awake jumping in his bed! It seems Karter is a little insomniac! Many nights he is still awake when we head to bed or some nights I hear him up at 3 am just jumping in his crib. I decided to maximize my time...I quietly crept into his room careful not to wake Kaden and brought him to our bed. For the next 30-45 minutes Nathan and I just loved on Karter. We made animal sounds and laughed and giggled. It was a DVR I wish I could go back and relive...taking time to memorize his laugh and the way he says "OH MAN".

Last night provided us with a chance to love on Karter as he experienced another insomniac moment. When we put him to bed at 8pm he was so upset because we didn't let him wear "unnies" (undies). At 11pm we heard him jumping so Nathan went to rescue him...what was he still talking about..."unnies". So after a few minutes of fun we put some undies over his Jammie's and he was ready for bed. He has been wearing undies over his pants today as well. Too bad he is not as excited about the potty as he is the undies!!

Take time to enjoy those "DVR" moments this week!


Flo said...

OK. THAT is cute. : ) Precious picture & blog....

Jennifer said...

well said!

beechembrightspots said...

You are so good with your words & your blog! I'm so envious...but I know I'm not suppsed to envy...sorry about that but I am! :) I love the picture of Karter! don't worry about the potty too much...he's still so young! Remember, Ethan's a year older and just now STARTING to get the hang of it! :)

Oh, I'm proud of you getting a spiral for your memory verses! So are we going to hold each other accountable to keep doing this for the next year? I hope so!

Have a great week! Kim

Kathryn said...

As always, I love the pictures!

Keri said...

Colton has a gun like Kaden's! Fun!
I love Kolson's big sweet grin.:D
And Karter is so much fun. Love it!
I try to rewind in my mind throughout the day, with each of mine. Kinda makes me sad and happy.