Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beat the Heat

There is no doubt that this summer has been VERY HOT! Luckily the Lord has blessed us with some much needed rain lately...but before the rain the boys and I found a few ways to "beat the heat"!
We found this idea on the no time for flash cards blog. I write out letters for Kaden and then when I call out a sound or the letter name he has to find it, squirt it, and tell me something that starts with that letter. He loves the game and it is a great way to get some letter skills in while having fun.

Karter enjoyed washing my car! It was fun for the boys and my car looked better than it has in a long time...thanks boys!

When all else fails Wii it up! Kolson enjoys watching the boys box. Actually Kaden boxes and Karter pretends. =)

And yes Karter does have on undies in this picture...we are slowing trying to work on the idea of potty training. Kaden was trained by his second birthday so I am keeping my fingers crossed that Karter will follow in his footsteps. To be honest it doesn't look all that promising right now. =(


Keri said...

So are they wearing the same size undies? ;)
That's a cute picture.

Flo said...

OK...undies pic is a keeper! Too cute....