Sunday, August 2, 2009


Those are the hours of freedom my sweet husband gave me today! I love my job as a mom...I love that I am there when they wake and when they go to sleep and that I get to spend all of the moments in between with my sweet little "k-crew". I love playing play dough with Kaden while the other boys nap, or singing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes with Karter. I even love snuggling up with Kolson in the wee hours of the morning. However, every mom needs a little "me time" here and there.
So...what did I do with my 4 hours?
I got a pedicure with the gift card the boys got me for Mother's Day

Stopped for a caffeine fix of the best kind!

Stocked up on Art Supplies at Dollar Tree for some fun pre-K art projects this year!And last but not least...I stepped into the 21st century by purchasing an ipod with some gift cards I received from the Athens Baseball Association (thanks again guys)! Now I can listen to "mommy music" while the boys enjoying watching Bolt for the 100th time on long trips!

Now I can go back to my day job refreshed and ready to go ! Thanks Babe!


Keri said...

Let me give you Trevor's cell number.

Flo said...

....and Boog's. : )

Claire said...

Awesome--a well-deserved break!

Kathryn said...

love it! what a good husband!

JMass said...

That is so great!

Adventures With Kati Ann said...

Breaks are such sweet times of refreshment! I LOVE getting pedicures. The only problem is when I get one I think I should do it more regularly which could get expensive!!