Sunday, March 22, 2009

So long Spring Break

This Spring Break was great. I so enjoyed spending lazy mornings with the boys, playing T-ball in the back yard, going for walks, building forts, arts and crafts, and picnics in the backyard.
We didn't do anything elaborate or fact we did quite the opposite...we had a GARAGE SALE.
This was a Spring Break where I got to spend lots of quality time with my favorite guys AND I was able to get a lot done. In one weeks time we managed what I like to call the "great move", that would be moving Karter and all of his things in to Kaden's room, which by the way, has gone really well. We have woken up to the sound of two laughing little boys every morning this week! We cleaned out a storage building, a storage room, and I went through ALL of the tubs full of boy clothes I have kept and re-organized and got rid of what I know K3 will never wear. We had a very successful garage sale (thanks for all of your hard work, babe) and we even got to go out on another date thanks to two sweet ladies in our church who volunteered to keep the boys...thank you Glenda and Sharon!! Two weekends in a row we got to have date we might get spoiled! Here are some snapshots of the week.

Kaden hitting a home run!

Karter wants to be just like Kaden...he can really hit pretty good

Painting Caterpillars

Finished Caterpillars

Toothpic picnic...I cut everything really small and we eat everything with toothpics...the boys love it and it is good small motor practice!


Adventures With Kati Ann said...

where did that red hair come from?

Jennifer said...

those are cute crafts...we may have to steal that idea. We should definitely get together. We live in South Tyler area, Flint. Anytime you are around give us a call we are game for anything.