Monday, March 2, 2009

Ready or Not...Here it Comes...

TAKS that is. If I could have picked any music to start this post with I would have chosen the theme from Jaws!

Tomorrow all across our great state students will spend the day bubbling answer documents. That's right an entire school day (longer for a few) will be spent testing their skills in reading and writing.
At this point there is nothing more to do...I have taught them all that I know. Now, I will once again lift them up to our Lord in prayer and trust that they will use the tools they have to succeed.
To be honest I am excited that it will be over and we will be able to get back to just enjoying reading.
Please say a prayer for the students and teachers you know tomorrow!:)


Allison said...

I will be praying for all of you teachers and yalls kiddos! And for lots of patience! :)

Kimberpeas said...

My prayers to all the teachers, students and their parents in the great state of Texas. I know most of the kiddos are done, but I'm praying for them all the same!

PS: I loved that you started your post with the theme from Jaws in mind!