Sunday, September 7, 2008

We Survived!!

Two weeks down... only 38 more to go!
Our first two weeks where just a little bumpy with a trip to the ER for Karter and a stomach bug for Nathan and Kaden. Other than that everyone made through and many less tears then I thought!
By Saturday we were all ready for some quality family time in Tyler. We spent some time playing at the Brookshire's park and museum. Here are some pictures of our first two weeks.

Kaden Ready for his first day of school

The Brookshire Museum with huge animals

Kaden and Daddy with a Kodiak Bear

Karter loved the swing

We met our friends and their little girl, Bella.

Karter and Bella really enjoyed swinging together!


Flo said...

Super cute picture of Karter! I haven't ever been to the Brookeshire's museum...I need to go!BTW - your hair looked really pretty today! I meant to tell you...did you get it cut?

Andi said...

Oh my gosh I would love to go broke on girly stuff! It would be sooo fun....maybe someday! Also that is a great pic of you and Kaden. Hope school is going well.