Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bunco Anyone?

Ok so I should be grading papers but it is my off day for recess and I had a few seconds. So I was purusing the blog world I ran across a post from Kelly's Korner about Bunco.
I have played once with my mom. She has a group that meets 1 time per month to eat, talk, and play bunco. It was a great way to get to know some of the ladies in her group and something fun to invite friends to. They end each night by sharing prayer requests and of course drawing numbers for prizes that the host home provides.
So girls...anyone interested in starting our own bunco group??? It might help with planning our oh so needed girls nights each month. Just a thought.

Hope you are all having a great Tuesday! :)


Keri said...

I have heard of it, but never played it. Is it anything like pokeno?

I have been thinking the same thing a lot lately, definitely time for another girls night out.

Glad everyone is feeling better.

Flo said...

Count me in! My sis has a "themed bunco" group....don't ask!

JMass said...

I'm in! :) This sounds like just the thing!

Andi said...

Never played before, but sounds like fun!

Adventures With Kati Ann said...

I wish I were around...I love bunco...I've played several times as a sub with a group here in Huntsville. It is really fun.