Monday, May 19, 2008

How to trap a three year old!

If you have ever met our oldest son, Kaden, then you know that he is one NON-STOP ball of energy. Recently his non-stop energy has progressed into non-stop talking. This weekend I found myself saying "okay Kaden, let's practice being quiet for just 2 minutes". Don't worry it didn't work.
There are times, however, when I am so delighted by the things that he has to say. Just this last week as we were practicing John 3:16 he had us cracking up. I would say "For God", and he would continue on with the rest of the verse. When he came to the end I said "John" to which he replied..."Deere"...not exactly the answer I was looking for.:) Later that day I was quizzing him about some bible facts...who built the ark, who climbed in the tree to see Jesus, who was in the whale and so on. I finally asked if he knew what Jesus' mommy's name was. He said "no", so I told him that her name was Mary. Without even batting an eye he said " oh yeah, Mary hadded a little lamb"! I love his precious little heart and feel so blessed to be his mom!

This weekend Kaden's energy got the best of him when he decided to climb into the basketball net! He trapped himself!

Our sweet Karter after his first dunk in the backyard kiddie pool today!

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