Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This Memorial Day weekend we met up with some of our best friends. You know the kind of friends I am talking about. The kind that feel like you haven't missed a beat even if you haven't talked in weeks. The kind of friends that you can just REALLY be you around. We were so blessed to meet the Schneider's and the Billberry's while we were serving on staff at Martin's Mill.

Luke and Kathryn served on staff as the youth minister and we had the awesome privilege of standing their wedding. Todd and Jan joined our church not long after we arrived and we friends almost instantly. These friends have held our hand during some of the most difficult times in our life. Jan and Kathryn were always willing to listen and just offer me a hug when we lost baby Konner. We will forever be thankful for our sweet friends. What a blessing!!

Here are some pictures of our day on the boat with friends!

Jan with her boys...Kaiden and Kyle

Todd and Kyle tubing

Me and Nathan on a Jet!!

Karter's first time on the boat

One tired baby!

Me and Kaden tubing

Three Best Friends

Kaiden S., Kaden L., and Kyle

Three REALLY strong little boys!!

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Flo said...

Those boys are cute....I know you guys miss them. Friendships like that are special.... Thankfully, they still are right around the corner! Not that bad!