Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beautiful Things...

Easter weekend this year was about seeing the beautiful things.  Seeing how God can take the most ordinary things and make them beautiful.  Or the way that he can transform hurt and pain into beauty unspeakable.  I was especially reminded of the this year when I thought about the beauty that he made out of Christ's death for us.  Not only did He raise Christ but He also used Christ's sacrifice and Resurrection to save us from ourselves and the sin that so easily entangles our lives. 

The weekend was also a chance for us to slow down and enjoy each other as a family!  I will admit that the idea of laying sod on Good Friday was not my favorite!  But, my attitude quickly changed when all our boys joined us in the yard eager to help!  When spent the entire day working together and playing and then finished up the evening with a family movie night!

Everyone did their part!  So proud of my boys and can't believe how big they are getting! 

 Daddy and son working together!  Kaden was beyond excited to be big enough to help with the sod.  I am sure this is just a glimpse into the future as my boys continue to grow and are able to join in on projects with their dad.

 Spider man even stopped by to help!:)
 Saturday was a great day!  A sweet friend had nearly every neighborhood kiddo over to dye eggs in her drive way!  By the time we were finished I am pretty sure we had close to 100 colored and glittered eggs.  Kolson loved working on his eggs.  He spent so much time on each one.  In the end he had eggs with dye, glitter, stickers, markers, glue, and even googly eyes!   I had so much fun just taking it in.  I have loved watching some of the friendships in these pictures grow over the years. 

Easter Sunday was one the best Easter services I have ever been to.  Nathan preached on Second Chances.  He reminded us that God is a God of second chances.  Much like the adulteress woman and even Paul the persecuter of Christians were given second chances, our God stands ready to extend a second chance to us.  Our God is so great that he can make beauty out of any mess!  The service ended with "Cardboard Testimonies" where people shared there stories of brokenness, loss, hurt, depression, abuse, and then what God had done to make these things beautiful!  While not every circumstance was changed it was so powerful to see that sometimes the miracle comes when God gives you the strength to withstand those hard times and come out praising him!  He truly is a God who makes beautiful things!

Here is a video of my favorite song (for the moment anyway:)  about God making beautiful things out of us....


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