Friday, April 13, 2012

Backwards blogging: March

Now that my computer is finally virus free it is time to catch up on some memories I don't want to forget!

March started with a bang as Nathan prepared for and ran his first FULL MARATHON!!  I am so proud of his determination and his ability to push through this grueling task. 

We were blessed with the opportunity to stay with our friends, the Hinotes, who live in the Houston area!  It is always fun to visit with Rhonda and Wes.  (By the way...if your live in the Houston area and need pictures done, Rhonda is your girl!  She took these picture of her family herself!  That is talent!)

We went to college with them and they are also in the ministry! Not to mention the fact that I love late night talks and just hanging out with Rhonda.  We were college roommates and we are still the best of friends!

They also have 2 of the cutest little girls you will ever see!  My boys actually had fun playing with all of their kitchen stuff!  Karter may have a future as a chef!:)

Wes was so generous to drive Nathan to the race...SUPER early, might I add!  We were also joined by our good friends the Larsons who came all the way down from Athens to cheer on my sweetie!  We are so thankful for the friends God has put in our lives!

I will admit that it was challenging getting all of the kiddos out to cheer Nathan on!  It was a huge race with thousands of participants so even finding a place to park and actually see him was crazy!  But we finally made it and got to cheer for him right after he finished up mile 21!

At this point he smiled, waved, and then looked at me and said "NEVER AGAIN"!!  Of course after the soreness wore off he has changed his mind and is training for his second Marathon in October!

The home stretch!  So proud of my man!

Congratulating Daddy!
I was so proud of my sweet husband!   He trained hard and ran his best! What was even more inspiring is the fact that he got up and preached the next morning!  It's official...I am married to a Marathon Man!

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Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Jenna, precious post! and those children are adorable! I just cannot wait to see that sweet Kenzi in the mix! I have not been blogging very much, especially since I started FB! but anyway the job did not work out and I am really happy about that! Actually I worked for Nita a while today and I love being able to relieve her. thanks for the encouragement tho. I am going to get back on track and get to Blogging! Love ya! and still praying for all of you.