Sunday, July 10, 2011

Precious memories...July 10, 2011

Dear Kaden,
June 1, 2004 will always be one of the best days of my life.  That is the day you were born and the moment that my life as a mom began! 

 I will never forget the excitement your Daddy and I felt as we welcomed you into the world.  We treasured all of your first moments...your first smile and your first laugh (Daddy got them both), your first time to crawl and your first steps.  So many firsts and precious moments we have shared with you sweet boy.
We have so many hopes and dreams for you!  We have been praying for you even before you were born.  We have prayed for your safety and your health.  We have prayed for your future wife and for your happiness.  More than all of this though, we have prayed that you would make Jesus the Lord of your life!
I will always remember July 1, 2011 because that was the day you told your Daddy and I that you were ready to ask Jesus in your heart!!  I loved hearing you pray with your Daddy and the excitement you had after you knew that Jesus was now in your heart!

Last week you were so excited about walking down the aisle that you didn't even want to go to Sunday School first.  You insisted on sitting as far back as you could so that everyone could see you walk down and know that you have given your life to Jesus.
Today you were blessed to have Papa, Anut Jenji, Ethan , Mamme, Big, Papaw and Nonnie all there to witness you being baptized!  What a blessing to celebrate this moment with family and friends!

 The sweetest thing was watching your Daddy baptize you as his brother in Christ!!  I am not sure there was a dry eye in the place!

My favorite moment was when he picked you up out the water!!
Kaden  I pray that you will continue to grow in the love and truth of your savior.  I pray that God will protect your tender heart and allow you use it to bless others.  I pray that you will serve Him with an undivided heart and that you will always remember these last few weeks and never doubt that Jesus is your savior and that you are sealed for the day of redemption!

You are precious to us son and we love you more than you know!

Our newly baptized boy!!
 Best friend cousins!

A video of the big day!!


Stacy said...

God is amazing! Just awesome, so so so sweet! =) what a great day! I have been praying for this day for my children as well...I can't wait to experience this kind of joy!

Michelle said...

So precious, and truly one of the great joys as a mama. Uncle Kevin has baptized Rachel and Lauren, and will do Emilee when it is time. Congratulations!!!

Nana's Nuggets said...

I love this! nothing like it ever:)Loved the pics! To God be ALL Glory! for great things He is Doing! Happy:) Day to Kaden!

Trista said...

This brought tears to my eyes! God is amazing! I'm proud of him and I've never even met him.