Friday, July 8, 2011

Freedom with Friends

Each year Nathan's Dad puts on an amazing 4th of July celebration at his house.  It started several years back when Maria was battling cancer, and now we continue the tradition as way to celebrate our freedom but also to remember our sweet Re.  It is really the perfect way to remember her because it has all of the things she loved the, friends, laughing grand babies, and great food!(: 
This year we had the privilege of bringing 2 other families with us totally 14 people in all!  Yes, that is 6 adults and 8 kiddos in on 15 passenger van...a little cramped but oh so much fun!!

 Nick and Stephanie with baby Kasey
Jayson and Brandi
 Me and my love

 Karty boy on the biggest slide I have ever seen!
 Racing Cousins
 Chow time!
 Kennedy enjoying the pool at the end of the slide

The other kiddos were having so much fun on the slide that I never even got a picture of them!!  I am not sure they ever even got off the slide!

After our time at Nathan's Dad's we headed over to his mom's house for more swimming and a huge feast that she had prepared for us!  Nathan's mom is the most wonderful cook!  The food was so good I didn''t even think about taking a picture!

What a day!  All of the little ones were asleep before we crossed the state line.  Thanks for celebrating with us friends!

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