Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Questions Answered...how the process works.

Lately many people have had questions about how the whole International adoption process works, so I thought I would see if I could answer some of those questions.

How the process works:
Step 1: Choose a country- we have felt led to Ethiopia
Step 2: Choose an agency- we have chosen The Gladney Center for Adoption out of Ft. Worth. They have been around forever and have tons of experience. They are very ethical and they get bonus points for being in Texas!:)
Step 3: Begin the application process. The application consists of TONS of paperwork, including background checks, blood tests and Dr. approvals for every family member, a sketch of our home, reference letters, proof of employment and so much more.
Step 4: The homestudy- this where a social worker from Gladney will come to our home to meet us, interview us, look around our home, talk with our children and really get a feel for our family. We are having this next Tuesday and I am SO nervous...prayers would be welcomed!:)
Step 5: The Dossier...this is a group of papers that will go to Ethiopia. Each piece of paperwork has to be notarized, then certified, and then authenticated before they are translated and head out to Ethiopia. We are currently waiting on our FBI clearance to come back!
Step 6: The wait list! Once all of our paperwork is in Ethiopia we will be put on the wait list. Currently the wait is between 8-9 months. We wait not because there are not enough children (there are over 5 million orphans in Ethiopia alone). We wait because our agency cannot bring more children out of government orphanages and into their care centers until the children they already have in the care centers are able to go home with their forever families...which ultimately depends on how fast the court is able to move.
Step 7: REFERRAL!! This is when we will receive information and pictures about our sweet girl!
Step 8: wait for a court date(about 2-3 months after receiving referral)
Step 9: Go to Africa to meet our little girl and stand before a judge.
Step 10: Come home without baby girl :( and wait for her visa appointment (3-6 weeks later)
Step 11: Go back to Africa to bring Kenziah Reigh Lorick home!!!

We are hoping a praying that all of our paperwork will come back quickly and that we can be on the wait list by the end of January. At the same time, we are also trusting that the Lord's timing is perfect!
Thank you again for your support and love through this journey! We love you!

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