Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween...we survived!

I have to be honest and tell you that Halloween is my least favorite holiday. Yes, I DO love the candy and seeing my kiddos so excited about dressing up. I also love that Halloween provides a unique opportunity for our church to reach out to other families in our community through our fall festival. Our church did a great job once again this year by providing a safe and fun event for a record breaking amount of families in the area! It is always so exciting to see God's people loving on the community and really being the hands and feet of Jesus instead of just sitting in our pews.

With all of these wonderful things about Halloween there is just one small draw back...since it is a church event Nathan needs to spend most of his time mingling with people and being available to meet guests and minister to the community. He does a great jog trying to wear the daddy hat and the pastor hat! But most of the event I am on my own with k-crew....3 kids, in 3 costumes, with 3 buckets, eating tons of candy, plus about 1000 other people around = CRAZY!

I was totally nervous before we left. I remember losing Kaden at this event 2 years earlier and at that point I only had 2 kiddos. Last year I was so fortunate that my parents where in town to help wrangle the crew. But this year it was up to me! This may sound crazy but before we walked out the door I stopped and prayed...I prayed for good moods, no lost children, and that God would give me grace! I was reminded that Psalm 121 is true...when we stop to lift our eyes to our Lord He is faithful to help us!

We had a great time! There were no lost children, no bad moods, and we even made it without a stroller for the first year!

Trying to get a picture with the k-crew...

Nathan's picture came out much better!

Kolson was never without a sucker...I think he had at least 3 that night!

My little dragon was also very protective of HIS candy bucket!

Both of my "Spidies" loved the inflatables!

I love this...his sweet little curls sticking out of his mask! Karter was totally into playing his part...he only took off his mask to eat a hot dog!

Kaden was way too busy for me to get any good pictures of him!

We had such a great time I am actually kind of looking forward to next year!:/


Flo said...

Funny pictures! At least you TOOK pictures. Better than I can say! I would say, one day, we'll look back at when we "survived" Halloween and think of how boring Halloween is now that our children are grown and too big to costume it up. I'll take our survival mode anyday..... : )

Keri said...

Awww, so glad you posted those. Kaden is the only one of your 3 I even saw that night. Cuuute!

Kimberly said...

So adorable!! I'm glad that God watched out for you and the boys and allowed all of you to have a good time. I think that dragon costume of Kolson's was the best costume I saw this year. TOO CUTE!!