Tuesday, June 8, 2010


For most of us Summer is the time to kick back and relax. A time to give ourselves a little more slack and to just chill out. While I love that idea and have spent many summers that way, this summer will be different.

It will be different because I have some of the most wonderful girl friends who have decided that this summer we are going to get serious. Serious about seeking our God and making the most of this precious time we have with our kiddos this summer.

Thanks to my friend Kim we have made it a point to e-mail each other daily about what we are learning in our times with the Lord. There is a song I love that says "The more I seek You the more I find You". I pray that I will find more and more of God this summer as I intentionally seek Him.

But don't be mistaken...summer will still be tons fun...here are my sweet boys ringing in Summer 2010!


First Backyard swim of the summer!

Karter boxing the sprinkler!

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