Friday, June 11, 2010

And We're Off...

Nathan has delcared this to be "Freedom Week"!

We are sitting in the airport in San Antonio about to head to Orlando for the Southern Baptist Convention and yes, a little visit to a special little mouse will be invovled! Don't tell our boys though!:)

We are so very thankful that my parents were so willing to keep ALL 3 boys for the next week!

I am so looking forward to spending some QT with my hubby and listening to some great preaching! I have also never been to Disney World so I am beyond excited!!

Thanks again Mom and Dad!


Kimberpeas said...

Enjoy Disney World! It's a blast, even for adults, but the true joy is in watching the kiddos! Praying that this time of freedom will renew your spirits and strengthen your marriage. PTL for loving grandparents!!

Kathryn said...