Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Look...

There are lots of looks...

  • there is the look your mom gives you from the choir loft at church that means you are in BIG trouble when you get home!
  • or what about the infamous "teacher look" we give to our students during an assembly
  • I am sure we have all seen the "you are so stupid look" from someone at least once in our life
  • even better is the look my 5 year old gives me when I tell him "no"
Not all looks are bad...

  • there is the look on my boys faces when they see their Daddy
  • or I love the "light bulb" look on a student's face when they finally "get" something
  • there is the look you get when you know someone is proud of you
  • or my most favorite is the look Nathan gives me that I know means...I love you, no matter what, I love you.
But the look I got yesterday was a different look! It is a look I have been getting regularly since the birth of our third little boy.
Yesterday as I strolled through the mall, with Koslon strapped to me in a front carrier, Karter riding in the stroller, and Kaden walking beside me, I got a look that said...."lady, you are crazy"! And if it wasn't that look it was one that looked a little more like pity!

While I will admit that my trip to the mall with three little boys was not exactly what I would call leisurely, it was fun and we did get what we needed to!

So I wonder what kind of look the Duggar's get when they walk into the mall?=)


The Allens said...

I just have to tell you that your's is one of my favorite blogs to read. I feel so connected with you when I read your blog like we hang out all the time. I love picturing you with your boys in the mall.

Rian Kate said...

I got the "look from the choir loft" so many times I think it's permanently burned into my brain.