Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thanks for the warning...

As a parent I have found that I do so many things the way my mom did them.  It is just what I know.  To be honest I think my parents did a great job and so why fix what isn't broken...right?  Well, today I wish my mom would have warned me how unpredictable kids can be.

Since Kaden turned 5 he has really moved out of the nap stage.  However, there are some days when he gets really whiny or cries easily and I just know that he could really benefit from a nap.  Today was one of those days.  I knew there would be some fussing involved but I was pretty surprised by what actually happened.

Here is the conversation:

Nathan:  Kaden I think you need a nap today.

Me: I agree, a nap would be good

Kaden:  I don't want a nap

Kaden (after some thought): well I am just going to run away.

INSERT FLASHBACK:  I remember as a kid telling my mom that I was going to run away.  Instead of getting my way like I was seeking, she calmly told me that she would help me pack my bags.  I cried and changed my mind within seconds.

Knowing how my mom handled this situation with me I thought I was totally prepared...

Me:  oh Kaden if you want to run away you better pack a bag.

Kaden: ok...

And off he went to his room, grabbed a bag, and began filling it up.  He even got a snack for the road. 

Here was the shocker:

He didn't even give us a hug before he walked out the door.

I was sure he would turn around before he got to the end of the driveway.

I was wrong.

He walked two houses down to his friend Hunter's house.  Hunter wasn't there so he just sat at the door. 

Sam finally convinced him to come home.  He was still not happy and still insisted that when Hunter returned he would be out of here.

So I took another approach.  I thought I would explain to him how awful life would be if he had to go live with other people.

None of it worked.  He is one tough kid.  He didn't even bat an eye when I told him that not all mommies and daddies buy toys and snacks for their kids.

He is in his bed now... and I am sure he is dreaming of a home where little boys don't have to take naps.

Thanks for the warning mom!  Things didn't go like I thought they would.  Now I don't know how to help him see how much we love him and how different life would be for him if he did run away.  I am sure it is just a phase...but man watching him walk out that door hurt my heart.

Any suggestions??


Keri said...

I 'ran away' a few times myself and my mom let me do it. I packed an outfit, one stuffed animal, and took off up the road and down the the ditch. She usually waited a few minutes and then my brother would come after me. He tried really hard to convince me to come back home. I reluctantly did, only b/c he took my boots and I had to walk on the scalding black dirt to get any further away.

Ask me later about running away from the montessori school in down town Waco at the age of 4.

Flo said...

Ok. That was great. What a story to tell him when he gets older. Maybe this is just a hint of his independence and determintation he'll have as a man. Yeah....that's it. That's gotta be it......

Penny said...

I always remind them that if you run away, I will need to keep the items we gave you to use. Items like clothes, shoes, and toys. If you leave, you go naked (Maybe you should gift underwear though - He sounds tough). It sometimes reminds them of all we do provide for them. I don't want them to have to much fun, thinking they've got all they need on their back. To the pig pen for them! Ha good luck - we all go through it!

The Allens said...

wow, jenna! what a story...i'm so glad you documented that because that will be a great story for him when he gets older not to mention a sermon illustration! i have no suggestion but i know you guys are very wise.

Julie Estes said...

This is hllarious! Probably not to you, but you and your mom are way nicer than Jim and Dottie Crye would have ever been if we ran away... that would have been a beat down! So, obviously I have no advice... other than enjoy the laughter in the memory!