Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow in Texas???

Because I couldn't resist sharing a few pictures of my boys and their first ever snowball fight! 

Kaden was excited until he the snow made him slip!  He finally came around and joined in the fun!

I am not sure I have ever heard Karter laugh more than when he hit Nathan with a snowball!

I am cherishing these moments.  Moments that I know will go by more quickly than I would like.  I am more careful now to stop and give my precious Lord thanks for the blessing of my sweet family. 
Thank you Jesus for days like this...days to enjoy your creation with the ones you have created!


Susan said...

OH MY SOUL I love the look on Karter's face after he threw the snowball at Nathan! "That was great, but I just threw something at I in trouble or can I do that again??" So fun! Give all the boys hugs for me!

The Allens said...

What precious pictures and memories...I felt myself tearing up just seeing the love between those boys and their dad. What a treasure!

Welcome to Lolliworld said...

Best ever!
The one of Karter's face tells the entire story...amazing, huh?
Thanks for sharing. Expect to see more before our sweet snow metls away...Have you see the posts on Malakoff News' FB page?


Allison said...

I just emailed you a button! Let me know what you think!